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– Europe's Leading Digital Event –

– Europe's Leading Digital Event –

*1985 - †2018

*1985 - †2018

The new (2018) was one of the most fun projects I did. A great team and a great time. Thanks everybody. 

You can find more informations about the project on here.

Bitburger App (2017)

The all new
BMW.COM (2017)

Imagine you are one of the world’s largest automotive players and you’ve got millions of satisfied customers in every corner of the globe. But how do you excite people that aren’t that interested in cars? Well, that’s a challenge!

The best way to reach out to potential new car lovers is to listen to their needs and tell them the stories they actually want to hear. Data-driven, relevant and entertaining. We developed a main stage for just this purpose, a new home for the BMW brand: the all-new

faz_iPhone&Watch30p_tiny (2017) (2016) (2015)

Audi City (2015)

Urban, city centre, premium and flagship retail space is getting more expensive and therefore increasingly prohibitive- counter to this, Audi's product range has never been more comprehensive. With billions of potential product configurations and options to choose from how could any customer ever hope to experience the actual Audi they desire right where they live? 

Well, now they can. Audi City features few real cars, yet every option available. This first truly digital dealership for city centres means that Audi customers can now experience every possible combination from the Audi range like never before.